City Research Center works within a network of organizations, which are united under the Association for Peace and Development.

Based in Gyumri, Armenia, the Association for Peace and Development (APD), is comprised of three organizations: the Caucasian Center for Proposing non-traditional Conflict Resolution Methods, the City Research Center and the Caucasian Institute for Peace Problems Research. The Association's mission is to promote peace and democracy in the region and to encourage intercultural dialogue and understanding between the states of South Caucasus: Iran , Armenia , Azerbaijan , Georgia and Turkey . It is also working to develop partnerships between individuals and organizations working in a variety of fields.

Since their establishment in 2005, these organizations have been carefully monitoring the causes of conflicts in the Caucasus region, and assessing those issues perceived as impediments to development and prosperity.

Despite obstacles, there are also opportunities that can lead to peaceful coexistence among the nations of this region: Armenia , Azerbaijan , Georgia , Iran , and Turkey . To that end, APD continues to strengthen and develop its network of human resources and expertise in the field of coexistence. In addition, APD is in the process of implementing projects aimed at encouraging peaceful coexistence, tolerance, and cultural dialogue among the peoples of the Caucasus region.




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