Caucasian Institute for Peace Problems Research (CIPPR)

CIPPR is an independent, nonpartisan, non-profit research organization committed to democracy building and the strengthening of civil society within the South Caucasian region.  CIPPR's objectives are:

•  Preventing and/or resolving conflicts in the South Caucasian region

•  Promotion of cultural understanding, tolerance and peaceful co-existence among the nations of the region

•  Providing educational and training projects that will bring citizens of the region together and encourage cooperation and mutual respect

Among CIPPR's achievements are the development of a program involving several municipalities of each country to support development and regional cooperation. The Caucasian Institute is a team of highly trained, young professionals who specialize in a variety of areas. In addition to the salaried staff, the Institute has been able to rely on the support of numerous volunteers.


Contact person: Karen Mkhitaryan

Contacts: e-mail:; mobile: +37493 622760