Caucasian Center For Proposing Non-Traditional Conflict Resolution Methods (CC)

This organization was founded in December 1999 and registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia as a non-governmental organization in June 2001. The CC's activities are focused on the six countries of the Caucasian region, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey and Iran. This NGO's mission is to promote the advancement, understanding and peaceful co-existence between people of the region. It also strives for the advancement of democratic processes and the prevention and resolution of humanitarian crises throughout the region. The Center has been examining the principal causes of the conflicts within the Caucasus and seeks to find ways to prevent them. CC's objectives are:

•  Promotion of democratic processes and the formation of civil societies

•  Promotion of regional cooperation and security in the Caucasian Region;

•  Cooperation with the worldwide institutes working for democracy and peace

•  Cooperation with international organizations;

•  Involving Caucasian countries in European and other international institutions


  • The first phase of the project “ Regional Center for Quick Response to Extreme Situations” March-December 2001, funded by Great Britain Embassy in Armenia
  • “We work for peace” seminar for young journalists of Armenia, March 2002 . Participation of “Conflict Resolution” Training in New School University in New York, May – June 2002, funded by Global Center for Peace of American University of Washington .
  • Participation in Arvin Cultural Festival /Turkey/ June2002 , Funded by OSCE Armenian
  • Turkish meeting for development of Caucasian tourism, Prague, September 2002, funded by Global Center for Peace American University of Washington,
  • ‘‘Provincial Towns Caucasian Congress'' March 2002 , funded of American University of Washington and Eurasia foundation
  • “Caucasian Economic and Political Analyze” research project, October 2002 – March 2003 .
  • “Peace at home, peace in the world” 1 – March – June 2003, funded by US Embassy.
  • “Friendly Caucasus1”project - September 2003 – December 2003 ; funded by ICCO
  • Contact person: Artoush Mkrtchyan

    Contacts: e-mail:;; mob: +37491 408581