Founded in 2000, (registered in 2002) the mission of the City Research Center (CRC) is to help the citizen's of Gyumri recognize, appreciate, and develop activities that will foster self-governance, stimulate the economy, preserve its history, encourage its cultural growth, and promote social harmony.

To that end, CRC engages in “community promotion” that supports the process of documenting and preserving Gyumri's historical downtown community, “research activities” that analyze the potential for economic and cultural development in Gyumri and the Shirak region through tourism and urban conservation, and “cultural development” that educates business leaders of the value of preserving and protecting their unique cultural heritage.

Activities initiated that address these issues include, but are not limited to, the following:

1) documenting and preserving the historical heritage of the city of Gyumri, formerly known as Alexandrapol,

2) rejuvenating the pre-soviet urban image of Gyumri,

3) developing and initiating actions of cultural diplomacy in the states of South Caucasus,

4) involving local neighborhoods and communities in the creation and promotion of public spaces, and

5) providing on-line place-based education to the citizens of Gyumri.

Goals :

•  To support the process of self-identification.

•  To analyze and research the potential for economic and cultural development.

•  To develop and spread the idea of creating a livable, attractive city environment by promoting business strategies aimed at preserving and promoting unique cultural values.


•  To inventory cultural, historical, architectural and ethnographical values associated with a central district.

•  To investigate and reveal lost cultural and mental values of a city.

•  To develop a strategy for restoring lost values.

•  To reveal the possibilities for communities to participate in urban life, and to clarify the forms of communication and collaboration between communities and local authorities.

•  To promote the unique heritage of cultures in the South Caucasus region.

•  To create and develop a vision for the cultural development of a central district.

•  To design and implement educational programs for community members.




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